Mothers Day Gift Ideas Under $20


Mother’s Day is a time to show your mom an extra bit of appreciation for all she has done to raise and support you. While you should probably show your love all year, a nice gift or special treat is always a welcome addition. Spending a ton of money may not be an option in your budget, but you can find some really nice gifts for under $20 when you take some time to put the effort in. Here are ten great ideas to think about:

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1. Potted Plants
Potted plants bring joy and greenery into the Spring season. Some people may choose cut flowers, but since they only last about a week, the fleeting gift may not be the best option. Instead, a potted plant can last throughout the summer if it is an annual such as colorful pansies or delightful daisies. Better still, a house plant such as a spider plant or fern, if well cared for, can last for many years, making it a lovely gift for a long time.

2. Photo Gifts
Moms usually love to reminisce and look at photos. You can go simple and get together a group of snapshots in a simple album to give to mom. Better yet, you can put them together in a photo book. Simply upload your digital photos, and they can be arranged in a book all ready to give to mom. Other ideas can include a photo on a mug, blanket, or mouse pad. Mom is sure to love old family photos, photos of the grandkids, or perhaps photos from a favorite destination.

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3. Body Washes and Fragrances
Though it might seem to be overdone, mom will surely enjoy new scents of her favorite brands of body washes and lotions. You can shop at her favorite store, seeking out fresh scents for the season. Pair these with fragrance sprays or bath salts for a basket of treats to help mom relax. Mom will be ready for her very own spa day at home when you include sponges, puffs, or nail care items.

4. Jewelry
Fine jewelry may be out of the budget, but you can likely find some fun bracelets or earrings that mom will enjoy that don’t cost too much. Shop the sales at department stores, and you will likely find bargains and costume jewelry that is fun and will fit your mom’s style. Remember to think about what she already has and complement, rather than repeat those items. For instance, if our know she has earrings in a certain color, choose a bracelet that will look good with them.

5. Sweets
If you mom has a sweet tooth, you can indulge her with a variety of different sweet treats. Perhaps she enjoys fine chocolates, and you can find her a nice selection of these. She may prefer home baked treats. You can always bake a medley of different items such as brownies, mini cheesecakes, or frosted cupcakes. And, if you don’t bake, you can find a bakery that will box her treats up in fancy boxes to make the gift look extra special.

6. Tea and Coffee
No matter whether you mom prefers tea or coffee, you can find selections of gourmet beverages that will suit her tastes. Perhaps she enjoys a cup of tea every afternoon. You can shop online to find some new flavors of gourmet teas that she can enjoy. Coffees are even easier to find as many coffee shops sell their signature brands in the stores. Grab a basket and add several varieties with a cute mug and a bow for a gift that she will be able to enjoy daily.

7. Books
Whether your mom is an avid reader or not, there are books she will love. If she does read a lot, you can either pick out some books by her favorite author or in her favorite genre. If she is technologically savvy, she may prefer books on her e-reader. You can send these to her e-reader directly or simply give her a gift card to pick out her own favorites. If, however, you mom is not typically a reader, there are many different books she may still enjoy. Cookbooks are great for the chef in the family. Or perhaps she would prefer a travel book with photos from her favorite destinations. Moms with a hobby may enjoy “how-to” type books such as a book about crochet patterns or a book to teach her about digital photography or aromatherapy.

8. Tote Bags or Purses
Every woman loves a good tote bag. You can even choose specialized ones that mom can use, for instance, to carry her laptop or tablet in. There are huge varieties of quality and designs to choose from. You can find one to help you mom be trendy while still functional. Purses are also a good choice, especially if you mom likes to change often or even seasonally. You can even add personal touches such as a wallet, travel manicure set, or pill caddy, depending on your moms needs.

9. Candles, Wax Warmers, or Potpourri
If you mom enjoys a variety of scents, you can gift her some new ones in a variety of candles, wax warmers, and potpourri. Any of these can help add a pleasing aroma to the room where she may spend a lot of time. Additionally, you can find candle holders and wax warmers in a variety of different styles to fit with your mom’s style and tastes, For example, one owl loving mom got a beautiful candle holder that looks just like an owl. The eyes light up with the flame and are beautiful to look at as well as enjoyable to smell.

10. Healthy Habits Basket
Help your mom to keep to healthy habits by gifting her a basket with items to help her along. A fun water bottle can be at the center of the basket to help mom stay hydrated. An exercise or yoga DVD or book with simple routines is a nice addition. Items like a yoga mat, hand weights, and exercise clothing are also good additions.

No matter what you decide to get your mom, put thought into it and deliver it personally if possible. A handwritten note or card can be added for extra personalization, especially if you cannot be with her on this particular Mother’s Day. Show your mom your love every day, and she will be extra surprised by your thoughtfulness on the holiday.


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