Five Sure Ways to Add Gnarliness to Your Life


Did you know that July 26th is National Get Gnarly Day? Celebrating National Gnarly Day each year gives you a chance to do something challenging, cool, and/or unexpected that maybe you wouldn’t normally do. In other words, this is a chance to get out of your comfort zone and take it to the next level. If you’re not sure what you’re going to do to celebrate National Get Gnarly Day, here are some ideas to get your mind moving in the right direction.

1. Plan a Gnarly Day Trip.

The best way to decide what to do on your day trip is to think about an activity you’ve always wanted to try. Maybe you live near a lake and you love watching people zoom across the water on jet skis. If you’ve never tried it, plan a day trip to the lake with a friend for some jet skiing or swimming fun. Or, maybe you like the idea of zip lining over beautiful woods but have never taken the steps to plan a trip. Go for it! Who knows? The activity you’ve been avoiding may become one of your favorite things to do!

2. Throw a Gnarly Barbecue.

Hosting a barbecue in your backyard is a great way to meet new people. Instead of getting out your usual list of friends to call or email, try inviting that colleague you say good morning to each day as you pass by his or her office on the way to your own. Invite neighbors on your street, people from your exercise class/gym or individuals who belong to the local book club you maybe attend. In short, invite people who you want to get to know better. It may be a little awkward at first, but serving good food and drinks is a great way to get people talking. There’s an excellent chance you’ll learn some surprising things about your guests. You may even make a few new friends in the bargain.

3. Start a Gnarly Hobby.

First, take a few moments to write down the hobbies you’ve been meaning to try. Next, cross all of them off your list. Instead, try a hobby that you would never have considered outside of National Get Gnarly Day. Maybe you don’t particularly like spiders. If so, start taking daily walks in the woods and visiting nature centers and zoos in your area to learn about the different types of spiders all around you. This gnarly hobby could help you get over your fear of spiders, and who knows – it may even convince you to become a spider expert!

If you’ve never ice skated before, make learning this skill your new gnarly hobby. You’ll meet people at the ice rink and open yourself up to a new way of relaxing. Other ideas for gnarly hobbies include skateboarding, learning to cook Cajun style food and learning to fix up old cars. The possibilities are endless once you start thinking outside the box.

4. Redo a Room with Gnarly Décor.

Maybe many of the rooms in your home have a conservative décor. You may have a lot of beige or white walls throughout your home. Make the decision to celebrate National Get Gnarly Day this year by redoing a room in your home with gnarly décor. This could mean any type of décor that you wouldn’t normally go with. If you’ve always chosen a modern décor for your rooms, try a traditional décor for a guest bedroom, your bedroom, or the home office. If you’ve always opted for basic, neutral colors for your walls, select a pastel blue, green or yellow for your new color.

Choose wallpaper in a really funky style featuring stripes, ovals or zigzags. Select some pieces of furniture in bold designs and colors. You may get a 1960s sofa featuring a black and white polka dot pattern. Or, you could browse through a vintage furniture store and find an armchair that looks like it was lifted right out of a 1970s TV sitcom. Decorating a room in gnarly décor and taking some time to get used to it may prompt you to change other rooms in your home. The new colors and styles in the room may grow on you!

5. Get a Gnarly Makeover.

Express your newfound gnarliness through your personal appearance. Think about making a change you wouldn’t normally consider. It could be a visible change such as getting blonde or red highlights in your hair. You could get a fun tattoo on your arm or a tiny one on your ankle. Buying an item of clothing you wouldn’t normally choose is another option. A silk scarf, a pair of boots with fringe on them or a fedora hat could all be fun ideas.

These are just five of the many ways you can celebrate National Get Gnarly Day. You can have even more fun by getting together with friends and hashing out some more ideas!


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