Being Frugal is Being Free!


Dinner out can be an appetizer at a bar with happy hour specials.

Pay for things with discounted gift cards.

What are the benefits? You get to live within your means, or even better without any debt!

It makes sense to find ways to save money on just about everything you buy, but the large expenses matter most. Traditionally these are housing, cars and food, so we’ll start with those…

Your Home

If you own your home consider downsizing. You can save thousands each year. Or rent out rooms to earn income and pay off your mortgage earlier. Place your “room for rent” ad in the Pennysaver here. There are other ways to save money with your home. Consider installing LEDS light bulbs to reduce your electric bill, a programmable thermostat, unplug unused electrical devices, lower the temperature on your hot water, and air seal your home to prevent drafts.

Your Car

If you have two cars, try getting by on one. Especially if the second car is rarely used. Try carpooling to work. You can significantly reduce wear and tear on your car, save on gas and take advantage of carpooling lanes that make it easier to get to work. Search out cheaper insurance by looking through our coupons. You can also save money if learn to do basic car maintenance or at least try and hold out on repairs until deals on oil changes and brake jobs and alignments make themselves available on Pennysaver QPONS.


There are many ways to save money on groceries and food. You can buy non-perishable items in bulk or freezer cook and of course coupons. All of which work well.

Cook a little extra at dinner and pack a lunch to work.

Start a garden, focus on vegetables and fruits. It’s a great hobby, it tastes great and it can trim down that food bill.

Find a combination that fits your style and keep at it, you’ll see the pennies stack up.

Once you use a few of these money-saving tips you will have freed up enough cash to spend on the things you want or you can pay yourself right out of debt.

Now that’s freedom!

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