Brighten Up the Holidays with Top Jewelry Trends


If you want to be fashionable this holiday season, nothing quite finishes off an outfit like a little jewelry bling. From heart shapes to pearls, make your holidays brighter by adding a little sparkle to the perfect outfit.

Heart Shapes

Heart shapes are a symbol of romance and love. Wear this look in big proportions or choose a dark-colored stone pendant for a more stately style.

Crystal Earrings

Dazzle everyone at the office Christmas party this year with a pair of crystal earrings. Wear crystal earrings with a little black dress or with a beautiful red satin top.

Be Artsy

This year, cosmic flair pieces are all the rage. Galaxy-colored stones have many shapes and colors. Look for beautiful artsy pieces like those with gemstones such as opal, green onyx, and antique glass.

Oversize Pieces

Beauty can come in differing shapes and sizes. Make a bold statement by wearing utilitarian style bracelets or earrings. Chunky gold jewelry tends to attract the eye. Big classic gold chains are often a great way to feel spectacular at holiday get-togethers.

Sculptured Shapes

Feel fabulous in a bronze tone sculptural shaped piece of jewelry that’s unique and attention grabbing. Put on a polished and refined necklace to feel like a queen. It looks like it belongs in an art museum with a highly polished shine.

Drop Earrings

Drop earrings appear whimsical as a cascade of diamonds down your neck. Maintain a look of elegance at weddings or any formal affair. Make everyone stop and stare as you make your entrance into the room.


Wearing your own initials can be classy and stylish. Monogram gold rings and earrings have a subtle elegance. Show off a sensuous neckline by pairing earrings with a top that reveals a sliver of skin. Monogram jewelry gives off a personal energy and self-confidence.


Unique versions of classic pearl jewelry are a trend for the holidays. Couple these with a ladylike dress for a pretty look of innocence. Be modern and daring with a subtly bold piece and printed top. Pearls look great on nearly anyone. They exude class when paired with a casual sweater, silk blouse or patterned dress.

It can be fun to wear jewelry that shows off your personality. Coordinate the right pieces with trendy clothes. Let your holidays be filled with joy and a superb fashion sense.


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