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Start great habits early. Teach them to save and spend wisely.

For many new parents, adjusting your budget to accommodate caring for your little one can be a true shock. Everything from diapers and clothes to toys, baby gear, formula and more can cost a small fortune, and in many cases, the expenses are enough to demand a lifestyle change. You may also initially think about saving for college, and you may have heard that college expenses are astronomical. What you may not think about, however, is the cost of childcare. The reality is that child care costs in many markets actually cost more than college tuition at a public university.…


Most of us have made financial mistakes in the past. From bad decisions with credit when we were college students to waiting too long to start our retirement funds, we all have a few financial regrets in our histories. For this reason, most of us want to teach our kids how they can do better and avoid so many typical financial blunders. The truth is that most parents wait far too long to start teaching their kids about how to be smart with money. Very young kids are actually quite responsive to lessons about finance, especially simple principals like using…


It is never too early to start teaching children the value of money and the essential concepts of budgeting and saving. In addition to explaining the source of money, parents should teach children how to save and spend wisely. Children of all ages can learn money management skills. The sooner children learn that it is better to earn interest than to pay it to creditors, the more prepared they will be to manage their money as adults. Money is Something that You Earn When children see money dispensed from an ATM, they may not understand that their parents had to…

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