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power washer hose attachemet accessory hotsy long island farmingdale ny


Hotsy Pressure Washer Hose 5000 PSI 3/8 – 50′ or 100′

The Tuff-Skin, with its unique design, has been engineered for a greater continuous temperature range-from -40 degrees to 275 / 310 F intermittent-and for handling […]

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Push and pull power washer lance long island suffolk county ny


Power Washer Lance with the ability to change up to 90 degrees & up to ...

HOTSY Push & Pull Lance with the ability to change up to 90 degrees. This power washer lance is designed for hard to reach places […]

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waster oil heater parts long island


Waste Oil Heater Replacement Parts – Long Island & Nationwide

Waste Oil Heater Replacement Parts. With a huge inventory of common waste oil heater replacement parts in stock at our large warehouse, you’re sure to […]

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power washer equipment long island


HOTSY of NY – Pressure Washer Equipment, Accessories, & Detergent...

Your Trusted Source for the Best Commercial Pressure Washer Equipment from HOTSY! Power Washer Accessories Available Lances (extendable and flexible 90 degree angle change) Detergents […]

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