Pennysaver Savings Challenege 2017


How would you like to have an extra $667 to spend at the end of every year just by saving pennies. It’s easy, almost anyone can do it. It’s fun, you see your money physically grow every day. It’s gives you a great treat when your done, $667.95. How does it work?

On day 1, January 1st 2017 you save one penny. I know all of you can do that. On day 2 you save two cents, day 3 you save three cents, and on and on until you get to the last day where you save 365 cents or $3.65. At the end of the year you will have 66,795 pennies. I would probably start using larger coins when you get to ten cents, 25 cents, etc, but some of you may want to see the volume of wealth your accumulating. It’s rewarding I will admit.

Here’s a chart you can use to track your progress.

Saving Pennies

Saving Pennies

If you do this challenge, let us know! Post your progress and tell what your saving for!


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