How to Observe National Wear Red Day


It’s coming up, so be prepared! National Wear Red Day falls on the very first Friday of February. While we may not hear about it as much as other events, National Wear Red Day is just as important as others. If you have never heard about it before, now is your chance to become informed.

February has been designated as American Heart Month by the American Heart Association. The first Friday of February is meant for everyone to come together to raise awareness over an important issue- heart disease in women. That’s because heart disease, along with strokes, kill every one in four women. That’s a number not everyone knows but one that is hard to swallow! The good news is that both problems are 80 percent preventable if the proper care is taken, according to the official website of Go Red for Women.

The goal of Go Red for Women is to ignite the country from coast to coast. It’s important for everyone to understand what the heart of the campaign really means- to completely eradicate heart disease and stroke through awareness and prevention. What better way to do so than by wearing red for the day?

The History of Go Red

The American Heart Association developed a platform that was designed to increase the world’s awareness concerning the health and wellness of women’s hearts globally. In 2004 the AMA decided to take on the difficult challenge of raising awareness concerning this sometimes silent but deadly killer of women. While it may have just started out with wearing red for the day, it has become much more than that. Today, the AMA is dedicated to sharing important health facts concerning heart disease and stroke.

Women all over the world need to be aware that they are susceptible to heart attacks, heart disease, and strokes. This platform was built to deliver this information to millions of women in the hopes of decreasing the number of non-fatal and fatal heart problems in women worldwide.

The Symptoms of a Heart Attack

Many women aren’t aware that they are having the symptoms of a heart attack. They often brush it off thinking they are just stressed, sore, or tired. Additionally, women’s symptoms are often more subtle. Many women don’t recognize that they are dealing with a life-threatening emergency and end up brushing off the symptoms as something else entirely. Women typically head to the emergency room much later than men who experience heart attack symptoms.

It’s very important to know and understand the symptoms of a heart attack so that you or a loved one can get the help they need quickly:

•Pain or extreme discomfort in one or both arms

•Shortness of breath that comes with or without chest discomfort

•Pain in the back, stomach, neck, or jaw

•Lightheadedness, nausea, or cold sweats

•A pain, fullness, pressure, or squeezing in the very center of the chest. This feeling may come and go.

The most common symptom that women experience during a heart attack is some chest pain and discomfort. If you or someone you know begins to experience one or more of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to alert emergency personnel. Even if it turns out to be something else, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your heart.

How to Observe Wear Red Day

One of the easiest ways to observe the day is to wear red on the first Friday of February. Make sure the red you wear stands out to others! Grab a bright red shirt, pants, or a hat. Whatever you choose to wear, just make sure the red can be seen!

Use the hashtag #GoRedWearRed on all of your social media profiles. Don’t be afraid to post about the day and what it is meant for. In fact, you may want to post about it a few days leading up to the day so that others know it is happening. The more people who participate, the merrier!

If you can, set aside some funds to donate for research and awareness. You can also purchase your own red gear if you shop at When you do, the organization donates a portion of the purchase back to the American Heart Association.

You can also get healthy and earn fun prizes while fighting against heart disease online. Check out GoRedGetFit for challenges on Facebook. You can also sign up at

Check out the American Heart Association website to learn more about risk factors and what you can do to prevent them.

It’s time to step up and fight against this killer of women. Heart disease has killed more women than every single form of cancer combined. Don’t be afraid to Go Red For Women and show your support today. It’s up to us to raise as much awareness as possible for heart disease!


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